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Tuesday, May 26


Dear Friends,


We never closed. That’s the reality. Yes, we closed the church building, but the church that is the body of Christ has remained open. We continue to worship weekly, committees, including Session, have been meeting, transition work is progressing, and this Sunday we will welcome into membership the 8 Confirmation Class students. 


We have been doing church differently these past weeks, but still, we have been doing church, carrying on even as we have tried to maintain our distance and keep our community healthy. God’s Spirit has guided us, led us, and showed us the paths we have needed to walk in order to carry on faithfully with our many ministries. 


We have monitored the situation each day and we will slowly resume operations in our building only when we are confident we can do so safely. Our Lord’s command to us to love our neighbors charges us with caution, especially for the most vulnerable among our church family. As Allyn Foster reminded us this past Sunday, our Lord teaches us, “It is not for you to know the times or periods that the Father has set by his own authority.” We will trust the Spirit, as well as our medical and scientific experts, to guide us. 


Just off Hertel Avenue in Buffalo, between Delaware and Colvin, is Hertel Alley, a stub which has become a bit of an artists’ canvas, with wonderful murals, including a new mural celebrating the many workers who have continued to serve in the face of daily challenges and risks. What a wonderful, remarkably creative tribute!




Let’s keep the trend going the right way by wearing our masks, washing our hands, and keeping our distance. Stay healthy! 


Grace & peace,

Pastor Skip


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