About Care

It sounds pretty basic but we believe Christians have a responsiblity to care for one another. We have a board of Deacons, a special group of folks committed to caring for members and friends of our congregation. They visit folks when they are sick, take meals to folks when they get out of the hospital, send cards to folks on special anniversaries and through conversation and the sharing of faith let folks know they are not alone.

We also have a group of folks known as Stephen Ministers. These are normal everyday people who have received special training in listening. Out of their own faith they share the gift of time and presence to be a confidential friend for someone going through a difficult time.

OPPC also has pastoral support for those struggling with issues of life and faith. Pastors are available for consultation and crisis counseling.

Caring is, however, the responsiblity of every Christian. We believe that in offering care and support to others we often find the healing we most need.

You may find out more about our Board of Deacons and Stephen Ministry in this site.