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OPPC member Arthur Hyde and his wife, Alison Hyde are the Founders of CSA.  The Hyde's who were newly weds in 1962, inspired by Dr. James Robinson, who founded Operation Crossroads Africa to “Build Bridges of Understanding” among young people, set out with 12 others on a summer work camp project in Kenya. Chief Hezron of western Kenya requested volunteers to build a soccer field in the middle of the Hamisi village, and asked his sub-chief Meshack Isiaho to help Arthur, the leader, and his group of Americans and Canadians in understanding the culture. Much intercultural learning took place and lasting friendships were forged. Eventually barefoot children kicked balls and cows grazed on the field.  The Isiaho's and Hyde's spent their lives continuing to provide for children in Africa including a school Meshack named Crossroads Springs Institute in honor of the 1962 volunteers, the Hyde's. 

OPPC got involved in 2010, when Rev. Young and his family made a pilgrimage to CSI to visit the school.  Throughout the years we have partnered in many ways to come alongside the children to meet their physical needs in the form of housing and water filtering systems.  Some of our youth and young adults have traveled to CSI as part of a medical or mission team.  Today OPPC partners with CSA by helping sponsor the Kentucky Derby fundraiser the first weekend of May.  

Crossroads Springs Africa's Mission Statement:  Through networking alliances with other stakeholders and sponsors, we will ensure that students are equipped with sufficient skills and knowledge to enable them to become self-reliant and responsible citizens in their communities.

CSA's Vision: We wi ll ensure that secondary and post- secondary students are effectively educated and that they develop the skills necessary to support themselves and help others, and become a key source of economic and leadership strength in their communities.

CSA partners with:  Kakamega Orphans Care Centre Project in Kakamega, Western Kenya, and their Maine-based US partner, Friends of Kakamega. Learn more from their website link:

We are most grateful as well to have been chosen as a partner by the Segal Family Foundation. Their support is invaluable! With the help of these partners, we are able to provide access to secondary school (high school) education to over 100 deserving, high needs students from Western Kenya.  You can learn more about the Segal Family Foundation from their website:

Learn more about Crossroads Springs Africa and ways that we can help by visiting their website at