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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Dear Friends,

The calendar turns, March gives way to April, and we keep wondering, “How long? How much longer will we have to live in isolation? How much longer will the world as we know it be shut down?”

Even the best medical and scientific authorities still do not have the answer to these questions; but it seems clear, we are a long way from resuming the routine of normal life. 

Psalm 13 gives voice to our frustration, the psalmist asking our question, “how long?” But yet the psalmist knows, as we do, deep in our hearts, that even in the depths of frustration and even fear, we “trust in God’s steadfast love”. It is that love that comforts us and helps us through each day. 

Our staff joined the growing throng of “Zoom” meetings this morning, to give us a chance to catch up with one another and find assurance that everyone is doing fine. We talked about ways for us to reach out to our church family – our goal is to connect, in time, with everyone within our church family. As one person put it, “we don’t want anyone to say, ‘my church forgot me’ during this time of concern and crisis.”

You can be part of the network, making a call or two each day to folks from within the church. Let Allyn Foster or me know of any concerns you learn through your calls. Deb Galloway is working on getting the new directory sent to everyone electronically so we have one another’s contact information. Look for an email soon with the directory, probably sent in two parts. 

As the psalmist teaches us, God shows us “the path of life”, the path that for now, leads through the wilderness. But even in the wilderness the promise is sure: God is with us. 

Grace & peace,
Pastor Skip 



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